While the NCGA won't sign a budget, public school employees won't see a raise...

But, still, I will rise--

I will rise up each morning and show up at school and teach my heart out.

I will raise my voice to anyone who will listen to my message of hope and kindness.

I will raise my fist in solidarity with my teacher colleagues as we continue our pursuit of respect.

I will raise awareness for equity and excellence in my district and state.

I will raise my hand and volunteer my talent and passion for public education.

I will raise my palm and high five the celebrations that happen in my classroom everyday.

I will rise above the disrespect and criticism of my chosen career.

I will raise another class of students to know they can do anything they try to do.

I will raise my ballot to drop into the ballot box to vote for a school board and state superintendent and representatives that support teachers and public education.

I will raise my pen and write my feelings and opinions and share them with the world.

I will rise like the sun in the morning and the moon in the evening despite the continued disdain for the job I do, and I will give more than anyone can be expected to support the social-emotional and educational needs of the students I teach.

I will raise my glass and cheer with my friends and coworkers when we get together to blow off steam.

And, I will raise my eyes heavenward and express gratitude that I have the greatest job in the world.

Because, North Carolina, you cannot keep me down by not giving me a raise.


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